Summary of Contents

This Book Will Change the Way You Think About Money

Wake up to investing is just 10 short & concise chapters.

There are multiple strategies to help people invest and save money. Quigley Publishing, LLC covers 10 methods in “Wake Up to Inve$ting!.” You can read about all the many ways for you to build wealth, get out of debt and make smart investments.

Still wondering if this book is for you? See what’s inside;

Chapter 1: Q
Learn how it all started.
Chapter 2: Pay Yourself First
Read about practical money-saving habits.
Chapter 3: Mutual Funds and Pizzas
Invest in mutual funds- all slices of a pizza.
Chapter 4: College Debt and How to Pay It Off
Pay off your debt in a few simple steps.
Chapter 5: Photos & Bonds
Protect your money by investing in bonds.
Chapter 6: Stocks
A dive into the art of selecting stocks.
Chapter 7: Trust Counts and Real Estate
Grow your wealth steadily by buying property.
Chapter 8: Insurance as an Investment
Explore the reasons to consider insurance.
Chapter 9: Thank You, Charlie
Get to know the man who shaped Quigley as a financial advisor.
Chapter 10: Wake Up to Inve$ting!
Plan how to use these skills in your life.

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