About the Author

Get to Know the Mind Behind “Wake Up to Inve$ting!”

Learn more about Joseph J. Quigley, author and financial advisor

Joseph J. Quigley is a first-time author but long-time Financial Advisor. Through Quigley Publishing, LLC and “Wake Up to Inve$ting!,” he’s hoping to help a lot of beginners invest with confidence. Quigley believes we should always be learning and adding value to those around us. It’s never too late for you to start investing.

Quigley is the dedicated father of Andara and Callista and the loving husband of Angela. He believes giving to others is the key to success. By sharing his knowledge, he hopes to help others invest and build wealth for their own families.

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How did this book happen?

Quigley has been in the investment industry for 25+ years. His family, friends and colleagues encouraged him to write a book on the methods he used to invest and save money. He wants to encourage anyone who thinks that they’re too late in the game to try investing. It’s never too late. This book can help you learn about the market and make investing simple.

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